About Me

I was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Richmond (also Texas) in 2017. This site is meant to be sort of a portfolio of all the different stuff I’ve created that I don’t know where else to put.

Oh, and it’s a chance for me to practice my SEO skills.

What I Do

SEO Specialist

My day job is working as an SEO specialist for a digital marketing firm in Houston. I like it; it’s challenging. But I do a lot of other stuff, too.


Sometimes I make music. When I lived in Dallas, I was in an alternative rock band called Jared & The Jewelers. Lately I’ve been making more electronic-based stuff in Logic Pro X under the name Massive Castles.

Visual Art

Sometimes I do visual art in a variety of media. Vector art (including logo design), 3D modeling, paper cutting, linoleum block print making, and good old ink-on-paper illustration.


Sometimes I write (though infrequently). I’ve written copy for law firm websites, album reviews for my college newspaper, and blog posts about SEO.

Now, I write on my blog whenever the urge strikes.


I’ve had an interest in coding and web design most of my adult life. I’ve worked most with Python, but also have previous experience with C++, Java, and assorted other languages.

I’m also a freelance WordPress developer comfortable with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.